The Max SLT

Mission Statement

The mission of the School Leadership Team of P.S. 70 The Max Schoenfeld School is to ensure the provision of a creative caring community. The SLT will coordinate with school committees to provide all of our students with the opportunities and abilities to become viable members of an innovative and wellness centered society. 

What the School LeadershipTeam Does

The P.S. 70 School Leadership team develops an annual school Comprehensive Educational Plan  (CEP) that is aligned with the school-based budget for the ensuing school year.  The school-based budget provides the fiscal parameters within which the SLT develops the goals and objectives to meet the needs of students and the  school’s educational program.  

The SLT serves as the vehicle for consultation with parent representatives  regarding federal reimbursable funding (e.g., Title I). The SLT will coordinate  with other school committees such as, but not limited to, the Parent Teacher  Association, Instructional Leadership Team, Social Emotional Learning Team, Attendance team and the Title I parent group to ensure that all school-wide committees  are working toward the same goals set forth in the CEP. 

Team members must work collaboratively by sharing their ideas and concerns  and listening to the ideas and concerns of others; engaging in collaborative  problem-solving and solution-seeking that will lead to consensus-based  decisions. Team members must communicate effectively with their constituent groups and  share the views of their constituencies with the team.

The Max SLT Members
Roxanne Ledda Principal
Thomas Conaboy
Erika Lee PTA President
Bryna Ortiz Chairperson(UFT)
Guerline Cothia Co-Chair/Secretary
Josephine DeJesus UFT Member
Angela Otero UFT Member
Yara Duval DC 37 Member
Jaqueline Sutherland Title 1 REP(Parent)
Alexzandrea Holcomb Parent
Steffi Villaman Parent
Edward Torres Parent