Photo Album

student dressed up
Ms. K. Williams
Emotion pumpkin
Students dressed up
Ms. Dawson and Ms. Amador
Donation table
Ms. Pelka and student
Ms. Mercier and class 402
Student dressed
Student with mask on
Student showing mask
Scare crow
Scare crow entrance
Dia de los muertos display
Dia de los muertos table
Spooky garden
Spooky garden 2
Spooky garden 3
Spooky garden 4
Class 209
Student dressed up
The Max Staff
Humus flavors
Wellness in the schools
Wellness in the school donation
Wellness in the schools food package of humus
Wellness in the schools table
Students entering pumpkin patch
Class 4-505
Class 4-404
Ms. Martinez and student dressed alike
Mr. Crookston and Ms. Rousseou
Students smiling
Student dressed up as pokemon
Student dressed as iron man
Fifth grade students
Class M18
Class M-16
Class M-21
Students on line for candy
Class 312
Students celebrating
Class M17
Funny teachers
Mr. Shellman and Mr. Martinez
Student dressed smiling
Hard at work toy skeleton at desk