Photo Album

Under the parachute picture
Getting the food picture
Ann Clair's T-shirt
The grilling flaming hot
Burger pyramid
Bouncy house crew
Ms. Delorbe and Ms. Tavarez
Ms. Delorbe and Ms. Tavarez 2
Ms. Nunez at the registration table
Ms. Nunez #2
Kids enjoying games
Student enjoying the bouncy house slide
Student going down the slide
Student going down the slide
Mr. Simon with the ring toss game
Mr. Simon smiling
Mr. Shea and Ms. Contes
Ms. Quinones and student making bubbles
Ms. Quinones making bubbles
Mr. Lyons DJing for the students
Cornhole toss
More bubbles
Mr. Shellman thumbs up
Students playing in the ball pit
Ms. O'Donnell playing corn hole
Student waiting for an icy
Student enjoying his icy
Student playing corn hole with teacher
Student getting their icy
The Max 70 registration team
The Max 70 faculty
Students enjoying their icy's
Class 306 enjoying the day
Ms. Varghese at the building blocks table
Our amazing facility crew of The Max
Team Montefiore representing at the carnival
Mr. Cruz and Officer Vahalla
Parents enjoying the carnival
Food crew in action
Students having fun
NYPD recruitment table
NYPD officers
Ms. Blackwell at the bouncy house
Mr. Cruz and Ms. Rosado
The Floating Hospital representatives
Class K-208 with their teacher
Everyone dancing
Students and faculty dancing
Students playing with the parachute
More parachute fun
Under the parachute fun
New York public library representative
Building blocks table
Principal Ledda and the Director of Continuous Improvement Mr. Spass
Chopt chef serving fresh healthy salad
Chopt salad table
Chopt salad and parent enjoying
Class 3-414 enjoying the slide
Principal Ledda and Ms. Ortiz
Ms. Brusco and her students
More students from class 3-404
Students on line for the bouncy house
Principal Ledda with Amadeus
Ms. Blair and students
Ms. Torres and her class 4-505
Class 4-504 with their teachers
Ms. Diaz and her students
Ms. Aida and Ms. Zarate and family
Mr. Difo preparing popcorn for the students
Ms. Jimenez and her students
Principal Ledda with Ms. Melendez and Ms. Blair
Mr. Todd and Ms. Colon
Mr. Shellman with Amadeus
Our school nurse on duty at the carnival
School nurse at his mobile station outside
Class 4-508
Our school nurse showing off his soccer skills
School nurse showing off more soccer skills
Ms. Colon helping students get their lunch
Coach dancing and having fun
More dancing and fun
Agent Linnen and Ms. Amador
The Max staff taking a group photo
Agent Linnen and The Max crossing guard Ms. Jackie
Staff members getting the dance party going
Mr. Shellman and Ms. Jackie
Mr. Shea with his students
Chopt team table picture
More team Chopt on site
Lemon cutting skills
Students making bubbles
Student having a break from the water
Students at the sprinkler station
More sprinkler fun
Time for some sprinkler splashing
Students writing P.S. 70 in chalk outside
Fifth grade students getting ready for water balloons
Student coming down the slide
Parents with their raffle winning prizes
Parent winning a free toaster oven from the school raffle