Photo Album

Students from class M21
Class M16
Class M18
Class M22
Mr. Sayers and students
Ms. Ventura and students
Ms. Canales and students
Ms. Metcalf and Ms. Pujols with students
Student smiling
Student graduation hat that says "Everything for my family" in spanish
Ms. Metcalf walking down graduation
Student entering auditorium smiling
Students from M18 smiling
Students with their certificates
Students from M20 with certificates
Student from M21
Dance teacher Ms. S. Williams speaking to the crowd
Ms. S. Williams motivating our students and families
Students from M22 with their certificates
Class M22 with their graduation performance
Class M22 performing
Student from M22 posing
Class M22 lined up
5th grade students facing crowd
Class M16 celebrating their graduation
Class M18 class picture
Students taking picture
Students from class M22
Students from M21
Ms. Pujols and a student
Principal Ledda with a student
Class M20 picture
Class M15 picture
Mr. Crookston and his class
Mr. Crookston and students picture
Mr. Martinez and his students
Student graduation hat decorated saying "be the person you want to be"
Class M14 class picture
Ms. Babiak and Ms. Jarvis
Mr. Crookston and student
Our student speakers, twin brothers
Mr. Shellman and students
M20 class picture on stage
Ms. Jarvis and students
M20 performing
M20 performing on stage
Students posing on stage
Students posing with certificates
Class m15 performing
Mr. Crookston dancing with students on stage
Assembly woman Yudelka Tapia
Twin brothers graduation picture
Principal Ledda saluting the flag
Ms. Metcalf and Ms. Pujols pledge of allegiance
Ms. Ledda and assembly woman Yudelka Tapia